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Singlebörse österreich Freiburg im Breisgau
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Freiburg is one of the most well-maintained and beautiful cities we saw on the way to the Black Forest.

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While skiers enjoy the snowy slopes during the winter season, during the summer the slopes turn into stunning landscapes surrounded by woods and lakes suitable for hiking.Freiburg is a student city, which makes the city one of the youngest in the country.It is even possible to reach France (which is only 26 km from Freiburg city) passing through Breisach am Rhein and following the eye-catching banks of the Rhine! Actually, you need not go out of the city to enjoy nature: Freiburg is full of green spaces and lakes which are handy for relaxation, fitness and, of course, barbecues!With a huge student population you are guaranteed to have eventful nightlife.In 2000 former military barracks were purchased by the city from the federal government, enabling the building of several thousand new housing units.

About one-fourth of the city is residential, with the remainder comprising oak and pine forests, farmland, and parkland.The city centre is a lively pedestrian area accessible by a well-organised network of public transport, which connects the centre with the main districts and neighbourhood areas.However, riding bicycle is the fanciest and most common way to get around in Freiburg!Its construction lasted for centuries and has a clear mixture of architectural styles, the highlight of which undoubtedly is on the outside, the There is nothing so characteristic of the Black Forest as the extensive and thick black spruce trees that abound in it, hence the adjective "black".Spruce forests are everywhere you go and everywhere you look giving this region a The Fribourg/Freiburg market is held weekly near the church and has been for over 100 years.Despite the destructive bombing campaign of World War II, the city retains several notable historic buildings.