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How to make .5 ohm single coil
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overdrawing current on a battery leads to bad things. One thing i learned last night is to TOUCH the build while on the OHM meter, not just look at it and go.if you're going that route, invest is a good charger that has some brains. i haven't made the jump to mechanicals myself, but if i was looking, i would go for an authentic and probably something from beyondvape simply because i'm cheap and they get good reviews for their stuff. I did my first dual coil on a Freakshow 3 post ( sadly a clone ) that i picked up from local shop yesterday. It took a while to finally get it working good, not great, but working correctly. The meter said 0.5 ohm ( 8 wraps of 26gauge each ) i thought good to go but then realized one of the posts was not tight after pulsing.Zweite fremdsprache wählen, bereichen seines mehr erfolg als im realen.

It was the first RDA that really got me into RDAs and since then it has always held a place in my heart.

Its really easy to work with, but a word of caution, the clones (at least fasttech clones) may not be the best choice for 26 and 28g builds simply due to the fact that the post screws are not always long enough to make a sturdy connection.

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My question for you guys and girls is, what do you find to be the best set-up for a slightly sub-ohm RDA.

Since it is a 4 post design, I would like to use two coil builds, so what would I need to do in order to keep it above the i Stick's .5ohm threshold?

Hey y'all, I'm in the process of starting up with my first RDA.

On a buddy's recommendation, I'm hunting for a Plume Veil (4 post RDA) clone and I'll be pairing it with another i Stick 30W, primarily because I'm not feeling totally ready to make the jump to mech/hybrid mods yet, but I want an RDA on a power system I know and can work with.

I was using a steam punk with a lush rda and building a 6 wrap 22g kanthol wire dual.

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