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This field of research, termed metagenomics, is particularly challenging due to the computational requirements that are needed to analyse large data volumes, as they are produced by current sequencing technologies.The server/client application MGX provides, first, the necessary infrastructure to cope with these large amounts of sequence data, and second, offers easy mechanisms for the inclusion of novel algorithms into this platform.NBI Website EMMA2 is a MAGE-compliant software platform for the evaluation of microarry experiment data sets resulting from genome-wide transcriptomics studies.

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The system has been adapted to facilitate the creation and functional annotation of sequence features that are specific for eukaryotic genomes, e.g. Funding: Development and maintenance partially funded by de.NBI Website CARMEN supports functional and comparative genome analysis.The latter performs a comparative metabolic reconstruction of two organisms based on bidirectional best BLAST hits and requires an SBML template.Funding: Service provision and maintenance funded by de. Website The introduction of next generation sequencing approaches has caused a rapid increase in the number of completely sequenced genomes.Mass spectrometry data can be imported either via mz Data, mz XML, or the Mascot generic format in a data model adapted to the the HUPO proteomics standards initiative (PSI).

Qu PE provides protein identification by database searches facilitating an integrated Mascot search engine and the consecutive calculation of protein abundance ratios.

To support these studies EDGAR - "Efficient Database framework for comparative Genome Analyses using BLAST score Ratios" - was developed.

NBI Website Read Xplorer is a freely available comprehensive exploration and evaluation tool for NGS data.

Ribitol) and also dry weight or cell volumina and allows to apply standard statistics methods (T-Tests, AOV, Hierachical Clustering) and explorative visualizations (PCA, ICA, Heatmaps Clustering results) on them using the R software collection. Funding: Service provision and maintenance funded by de. Website Pro Me Tra enables the generation of visualizations of metabolite concentrations together with transcript or protein abundances mapped on metabolic pathways.

The integration of genomic and transcriptomic data sets originating from Gen DB or EMMA2 is achieved via SOAP based web services enabling interactive visualizations of metabolite concentrations together with transcript measurements mapped on e.g. The open, vector based graphics format SVG is used to facilitate this visualization of multi-omics experiments.

Read Xplorer is implemented in Java as a Netbeans rich client application.